Getting on Travel

July 2023


You’ve reached this page because Getting on Travel (GOT) has suspended publication.

After six years—with the help of my gifted co-editor, Hilary Nangle, and 60 other talented contributors—we published more than 400 articles that garnered writing awards from our peers.

I also want to acknowledge the invaluable support we received from our tech guru, Chris Richardson.

When I first created GOT, I had hoped to create one of the first self-sustaining online travel magazines geared to the over-50 luxury traveler.

With the massive changes that have taken place in the online travel landscape and my being pulled in many directions, I realized I was stretched too thin to accomplish that.

Instead, I am focusing on my own independent travel blog, MoreTimeToTravel (now more than ten years old and geared to the same audience), and a new Substack newsletter on friendship (another passion of mine), Friendship Rules.

Thank you to all who shared this journey with us, especially our readers. I hope you’ll continue to follow my writing and sign up for my newsletters.


Irene S. Levine, PhD

Publisher, Getting On Travel