We like to think you love Getting On Travel. (And we love writing for you!) But we know that you know we’re not the only site devoted to boomer travel.

Indeed, many of our wonderful contributors to Getting On Travel have their own great boomer travel blogs.

Other colleagues also write about the fun travels mid-lifers and empty nesters can enjoy. Some of these cover both shoestring and luxury travel, others focus on solo travel for boomer women, still others offer tips to help travelers save money while exploring the world. Each blog has its own style and reflects the distinctive personality of the boomer blogger.

The common bond we share, however, is that we all write for that lovely and growing group of travelers over age 50 (or nudging close to it) – that’s you!

best boomer travel blogs

Best boomer travel blogs we like

So for more great travel inspiration, check out our ultimate list below of some of the best boomer travel blogs you might want to follow in 2018.

Since we focus on luxury travel, we picked mostly luxury boomer travel blogs (though we’ve included a sprinkling of other boomer travel blogs, simply because they’re so darn good and well-known).

We put ourselves first – the perk of writing this! But the others in this list of best boomer travel blogs are in alphabetical order. (And if we’re missing your favorite, please comment below and let us know.)

1) Getting On Travel

That’s us! We share the scoop on luxury boomer travel. Yes, we dish on five-star hotels and sumptuous cruises, but we don’t stop there. We think midlife travelers have reinvented the term “luxury travel” – you want your passions to be shaped by your interests not your age, right? So we cover authentic experiences unspoiled by mass tourism, soft adventure, health and wellness, the boutique and the bespoke. (Check out our hit post “Best All-Inclusive Resorts for Boomers” with some interesting surprises.) We’re mindful of value too. What’s really different about Getting On Travel (GOT) is that we have over 25 authors, each writing about luxury boomer travel from their own unique perspective.

2) A Taste for Travel 

Boomers who like it hot are drawn to A Taste for Travel, a hub for travelers who love food, drink and sun destinations. Showcasing the best of Mexico, the Caribbean, and southern Europe and North America, it celebrates seasonal, locally-sourced and traditional cuisines as well as local experiences, resorts and select hotels. The site’s “12 Reasons I’m Tempted to Drop Everything and Move to Grenada” was awarded Best Caribbean Blog Post in 2016 by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). Published by investment banker turned travel writer Michele Peterson (with several contributing writers), the website/blog also includes recipes, travel tips and special discounts.

*Michele Peterson is a Getting On Travel contributor

3) Adventures of a Carry-On

Adventures of a Carry-on is a blog for all ages, but with an emphasis on sophisticated destinations favored by boomers. Wine country travel is highlighted – think Italy, France and especially California – with tips on places to drink, dine and explore. For boomers road-tripping in the Golden State, blogger Penny Sadler offers these “Top Tips for Driving Highway 1: Ultimate California Road Trip.” But even “a walk in the neighborhood can be an adventure!” she laughs. (Now if only at our enlightened age, the rest of us could master the art of traveling like Penny, with just one carry-on.)

*Penny Sadler is a Getting On Travel contributor

4) Adventures of Empty Nesters

Family dynamics change dramatically when the children have grown up and left the “nest.” Realizing that now is the time to embrace Life 2.0, Suzanne Stavert and her best-friend-and-husband Craig do just that. On Adventures of Empty Nesters, Suzanne writes about their gourmet food trips, the vibrant destinations they visit and the sumptuous digs they bed down in. Her blog promises motivating midlife inspiration – see “My Epic Adventures in Bangkok: Ten Reasons to Visit Thailand in 2018.” You’ll leave with a smile on your face and a pocketful of new travel ideas for how you, too, can celebrate life after kids.

*Suzanne Stavert is a Getting On Travel contributor

5) Anita’s Feast

“Where food, travel and culture meet” is how writer Anita Breland and photographer Tom Fakler describe their food and wine travel blog, Anita’s Feast. Their focus is on understanding local traditions through authentic culinary experiences, throwing in a bit of soft adventure along the way. They always have their next meal in mind – so you’ll find stories on tasting Moroccan sweets, sipping Portuguese wines, discovering Nepalese cuisine and the like. One of their best food travel experiences? Sailing on a James Beard Foundation culinary cruise with Windstar Cruises: See “Luxury Meets Culinary Aboard the Wind Surf.”

*Anita Breland and Tom Fakler are Getting On Travel Contributors

6) Blonde Brunette Travel

“Blonde” (Kay Dougherty) and “Brunette” (Anne Reilly) are baby boomer sisters who have happily transitioned from camping to flying business class on Qatar Airways (“which is a lot more fun”). And they do get up to some fun at Blonde Brunette Travel! They were named one of the “Top 20 Baby Boomer Bloggers Having More Fun Than Millenials” in 2016 by TripAdvisor. Think birding in Florida, eating their way through Italy, cruising and buying (uh oh) ill-fitting boots in Buenos Aires.

7) Bonvoyageurs

With almost 200,000 Twitter followers and over 37,000 Instagram fans, these boomer bloggers are rocking it on social media! Dennis and Lynn Gagnon have racked up gazillions of frequent flyer miles – they’ve been traveling the world for over 45 years (usually in style). Their blog Bonvoyageurs focuses on luxury escapes, city breaks and cruises for discerning business and leisure travelers of a certain age.

8) Boomeresque

Suzanne Fluhr, a “recovering Philadelphia attorney,” writes about baby boomer travels for the body and mind on her Boomeresque blog. She often accompanies her physician-scientist husband on his travels (aka “Mr. Excitement” – meant as a term of endearment). An enthusiast of Zentangle (a meditative art form of drawing structured patterns), she weaves Zentangle into many of her posts. She also is the travel editor of Midlife Boulevard, an online lifestyle magazine for women over 40.

9) Chocolatour

So we know boomers are always looking for new adventures. But have you ever been on a chocolate-centric journey of discovery? If you love chocolate and travel, bookmark Chocolatour and start at “Chocolate Travel Explained.” Award-winning author, freelance journalist and blogger Doreen Pendgracs takes you around the world in search of the best chocolate and chocolate experiences. She visits chocolate festivals and attractions, chocolate spas and resorts, and cocoa plantations, and of course, indulges in cocoa cuisine too – and shares her findings and experiences in a casual conversational style. You’ll learn how to taste chocolate like a pro and discover everything the world has to offer in the new niche of chocolate travel.

*Doreen Pendgracs is a Getting On Travel contributor

10) Clark Norton

A seasoned journalist, screenwriter and copywriter, Clark has authored many travel guide books and written on such esoteric topics as “yacht piracy” for numerous magazines and newspapers. Along the way, he’s graduated from backpacking around Europe to traveling with his cohort of baby boomers on cruises, adventure trips and holidays with grandkids. On his blog Clark Norton, this “expert in baby boomer travel” shares his insight on everything traveling to Zimbambwe to the lure of theme cruises. We especially like the boomer-relevant guest posts on traveling with cancer or a disability.

11) Contented Traveler

Paula McInerney and Gordon Arthur are full-time travel bloggers from Australia. They’re “a little bit hippy and a little bit rock-and-roll” – and, yes, they’ve written about visiting ABBA The Museum in Stockholm. Paula says they write for fit, free and financially-comfortable baby boomers, but adds, “We can’t be pigeon-holed on our travel style.” Houseboating exploits in Amsterdam. Exploring Mykonos by quad bike. Saigon street food. Find this and more on Contented Traveller.

12) Eye Prefer Paris

Eye Prefer Paris is an ex-New Yorker’s insider’s guide to Paris. In 2005, Richard Nahem moved to Paris at age 49 to start a new life (see “My Story“). He now writes his blog from his fabulous 18th century apartment in the fashionable Marais district of Paris. Want info on the smash Christian Dior museum exhibition or luxury Left Bank apartments with hotel-like services? Richard’s blog is a goldmine of information on what to see and where to stay and eat in the City of Lights. He also covers other European destinations too.

*Richard Nahem is a Getting On Travel contributor

13) France Travel Tips

France Travel Tips

Addicted to France, Janice Chung is a frequent traveler to the country, seeking out and covering experiences that aren’t always written about in travel guides, like these “Unique Paris Experiences.” She’s now visited almost all the regions of France. In 2018, Jan will embark on her 30th trip to France, adding to her growing list of culinary, educational, active and arts/entertainment experiences. Her advice on experiential travel in France and tips on ways to splurge or save money – found in France Travel Tips – can enhance your trip whether you’re a novice or a repeat boomer visitor to the country.

*Janice Chung is a Getting On Travel contributor

14) Golden Age Trips

“Go where you have always dreamed of!” is the catchphrase of Golden Age Trips, a blog run by Sheila Berrios, which mainly addresses the need for more travel services targeted to the growing senior population. “Superagers” – a term used to refer to active boomers – look further than cruises, she notes (we hear you Sheila!); they’re “on the hunt for travel experiences that immerse them in the culture and activities of their destination.” Like crocodile spotting. That’s what captivated Sheila and her mother when “Walking Through Myakka River State Park” in Florida. Sheila’s mother is a boomer, and Sheila shares destinations, travel tips, accommodations and day trips that not only she enjoys, but that could be enjoyed by her mother or yours.

*Sheila Berrios is a Getting On Travel contributor

15) Green With Renvy

As a baby boomer with a passion for outdoor adventure, Alison Abbott isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone and jump off the occasional cliff. She’s a Boston-based travel writer who focuses on “sustainable shades of green luxury” on her blog, Green With Renvy. Supporting indigenous communities, eating seasonally and protecting nature around the world are all part of the formula. As a responsible traveler with a keen sense of place, Alison seeks out sustainable initiatives wherever she visits. Her moving story on “The Demoiselle Crane Man of India” is about one such connection – illustrating no matter what our age, we can all make a difference.

*Alison Abbott is a Getting On Travel contributor

16) Gypsy Nesters

Married on Elvis’ birthday, Veronica and David James are having a blast in the “empty nest” phase of their life. After the youngest of their three children flew the nest for college, they started traveling. And traveling. And never stopped. They now have no nest and are full-time travelers on the go. Totally irreverent, their hugely popular Gypsy Nesters blog is all about having fun when traveling. Stories cover the gamut from “The Hippest Public Bathroom in the USA” to “Accidentally Attending the Alarde Festival” (while trekking the Camino de Santiago). No doubt about it. This is absolutely one of the best boomer travel blogs to rummage through.

17) Hole in the Donut

Working hard. Paying the bills. We all understand that. But Barbara Weibel never really enjoyed her various jobs over the years. “I felt like a hole in the donut… empty on the inside” she explains. So after battling chronic Lyme disease, she strapped on her backpack and traveled alone around the world for six months. And that’s how she started Hole in the Donut. Now she travels, takes photos and writes full-time – loving what she does. Her stories lean toward the cultural, with palaces, monasteries, archaeological sites and the like taking center stage.

18) Journeywoman

There was first a blur of tears after her marriage to her partner of 28 years disintegrated. But then Evelyn Hannon chose to go alone to Europe. And she “began to understand how good solo travel can be for the heart and soul.” The result? Journeywoman, born 20 years ago. Recognized by magazines like Time and People, it aims to “inspire women to travel safely and well” and “connect female travellers internationally.” The site is jam-packed with practical and sensible advice. Should you wear a scarf over your hair in Pakistan? Should you take the subway in St. Petersburg? The answers are here…

19) Life Bites News

“Life is good” is how it rolls for Bonnie Carroll, a traveling and life-loving grandmother, who chronicles her fine food, wine and travel adventures in destinations throughout the world in her monthly online site Life Bites News, founded in 2005. She especially loves covering food-and-wine events, spas and hotel openings in California – see “Avocado Brunch Delights Along the California Coast.” And she’s careful to point out any accessibility issues for those who are less mobile.

*Bonnie Carroll is a Getting On Travel contributor

20) Luggage and Lipstick

“Fun doesn’t just happen – you have to make it happen,” says Patti Morrow. She knows how. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Sky diving in Hawaii. Dog sledding in Oregon. (Sounds like a lot more fun to us than lobbying! Patti was a lobbyist for 10 years.) She admits she’s more of an adrenalin junkie than most boomers, so it’s not surprising that she specializes in boomer adventure travel on Luggage and Lipstick.

21) McCool Travel

Charles McCool is a master at earning (and burning) points for free flights and hotel stays. At McCool Travel, he teaches readers how to save money on their trips and be happier travelers. His “how to” articles are his forte – how to avoid rental car hassles, how to find lower airfares, how to rack up frequent flyer miles without traveling. His number 1 tip for stress-free travel? Pack light. (You can buy your toothpaste and toiletries when you get to your destination.)

22) More Time to Travel

If you’ve reached your midlife birthday and sighed at least once, “I can’t believe how quickly time has passed,” do yourself a favor and check out More Time to Travel. It provides travel advice, information and inspiration that will get you moving – how about “Easing into the East on a Cruise in China”? Pursuing their own second acts after long careers in public mental health, the evocative writing of psychologist/journalist Irene S. Levine is enriched by the photos of her psychiatrist/husband Jerome. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or simply an armchair one, join them as they explore new places and savor new tastes. Their blog is guaranteed to lift the spirits of travelers over the age of 50.

* Irene S. Levine is a Getting On Travel contributor

23) My Itchy Travel Feet

Donna Hull (the writer) and Alan Hull (the photographer) have been reporting on their active travel adventures on My Itchy Travel Feet since 2008. Says Donna: “Boomers bring energy to their travels. We’re willing to try new activities and embrace new experiences with an open mind.” And they’ve experienced lots! Arctic expedition cruising, Oregon road tripping, iceberg hunting in Greenland, sifting through fossil history – you name it, they’ve done it (or almost). They offer plenty of helpful practical tips too.

24) Nomad Women

Donna Meyer writes for “mature women” who’ve “been around for awhile… around the block, around the country, or around the world” and who aren’t done yet. However you want to describe them, “Just don’t call us OLD,” she declares. (Cheers to that!) Nomad Women empowers 60ish women to “get up, get out and see all that the world has to offer.” When not traveling, she lives in the fairytale colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where many cultured retirees from Europe and the U.S. also live (obviously, her blog is one to go to for Mexico travel information).

25) No Particular Place to Go

Retired U.S. expats, Anita Oliver and Richard Nash left the career treadmill in 2012 to explore the world. For three years, they traveled full-time but loved Portugal so much they decided to get an apartment and car there. Now “semi-nomads,” they write about life in Lagos, Portugal, as well as their other trips throughout Europe and the U.S. Their blog No Particular Place to Go is full of common-sense tips on how to retire in another country, including money-saving tactics for living abroad.

26) Ottawa Road Trips

What can boomers see and do within a four-hour drive of Canada’s capital? That’s the question that 50-something journalist Laura Byrne Paquet answers on her blog, Ottawa Road Trips. From festivals in charming small towns such as Merrickville and Skaneateles, to luxurious weekends in Montreal and wine tours in Prince Edward County, she casts a wide net over Eastern Ontario, West Quebec and upstate New York. She occasionally ventures further afield as well – to Toronto, Quebec City, New York City and beyond – while covering Ottawa, too. (See, for example, “Five Ways to Get to New York City From Ottawa.”)

*Laura Byrne Paquet is a GettingOnTravel contributor

27) Passing Thru

For Betsy and Pete Wuebker, “happiness is found in a simple, travel-centered life.” They were  50-somethings living in Minnesota when they decided to escape the harsh winters and ditch their “ordinary” life to travel full-time. They started Passing Thru in 2008 and now have been “location independent” since 2011. House-sitting has helped to keep their costs to a minimum. Favorite travel activities? Brushing up on history, people-watching and seeking out watering holes and cafes where locals hang out.

28) Points and Travel

An Arizona chiropractor who gave up her career five years ago, Cacinda Maloney now works as a full-time luxury travel writer and blogger. And she packs in a lot of miles! She makes it a point to travel every six weeks; in 2016 alone, she traveled to 47 countries. Recent stories on Points and Travel chronicle all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives, Croatia island-hopping, and “vining” and dining in Montana. Don’t expect to find any hiking stories though, she says – cultural tourism and “smart luxury travel” are her specialties.

29) Sand In My Suitcase

“Luxury travel with a twist of adventure” captures the spirit of the colorful stories on the award-winning Sand In My Suitcase blog. It’s produced by Janice and George Mucalov, lawyers by profession, now writers, whose travel features and photos are published in many North American magazines and newspapers. The couple have a penchant for exploring the exotic – see “How We Almost Fell Off the Earth in Northern Mozambique.” While they sometimes “get a little, er, sandy,” they love knowing there’s always “a soft return” at the end of each day. Honest and refreshingly well-written, their stories and reviews appeal most to active midlife travelers lusting after far-flung destinations.

*Janice Mucalov is a Getting On Travel contributor

30) She’s Cookin | Food and Travel

Boomers who like culinary travel will find She’s Cookin | Food and Travel, well, tasty! Priscilla Willis indulges readers with culinary escapades from the simple to the sublime. Think a traditional Belizian picnic lunch, prepared by a local widow, enjoyed among the ancient ruins of Caracol to the opulent Michelin-starred Tosca, soaring 102 stories above Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor. She includes anecdotes on local street food (both palatable and bizarre), food tours (like this “Night Market Tour in Shanghai”), cooking classes and getting outdoors, along with tips on making trips as stress-free as possible.

31) Sweet Leisure

This charming blog by Susan Manlin Katzman reaches around the world to inform boomers (and other discriminating readers) on the best-of-the-best destinations, accommodations, spas and cruises. Foodie travelers relish Sweet Leisure’s guest posts by culinary experts who dish on their fave restaurants in such gourmet capitals as Bangkok, Berlin, Los Angeles and Dijon. And home cooks devour the well-tested chef recipes that garnish most posts. Susan willingly admits she’s “reached that certain age of experiential advantage.” Life is a double-dipped delight for her – like indulging in a “Fabulous French Hotel Barge Cruise and Recipes.”

*Susan Manlin Katzman is a Getting On Travel contributor

32) The Travels of BBQ Boy and Spanky

2Frank (aka “BBQboy”) and Lissette (aka “Spanky”) are a 50-ish couple who left their home in Montreal, Canada, in 2014 to travel the world. They are slow travelers, often staying in places for two months at a time, which allows them to really connect with locals and get to know the nitty-gritty of their temporary homes. As a result, their posts are long, detailed, thoughtful and insightful; you won’t find any “wishy-washy fluff pieces” on The Travels of BBQBoy and Spanky. Frank takes many beautiful photos too.

34) To Travel Too

Just two of 4,000,000 baby boomers in Australia, Jane and husband Duncan Dempster-Smith set out in 2014 to travel on the equivalent of the Australian couple pension of $92 a day. On To Travel Too, they show you how to travel the world on less, often by house-sitting. Their mantra: “Age is no barrier when it comes to travel.” It’s certainly no barrier for them – they’ve soared in hot-air balloons, trekked to Machu Picchu and slept in the desert in Jordan. For posts of particular interest to boomers, see the “Baby Boomers” tab at the top of their blog.

33) Travel Notes & Beyond

Travel Notes and Beyond

Anda Galffy is an opinionated travel blogger who isn’t afraid to speak her mind on Travel Notes & Beyond (lots of readers have commented on her recent rant on tipping in North America). Originally from Romania, Anda has lived in California for over 25 years now. But her heart remains in Europe, where culture and history are at the forefront. Not surprisingly, her stories highlight the cultural aspects of the travel destinations she visits (like what you should know about Hungarians and the mystery of Florence’s cathedral dome). Her photographs are particularly luscious.

34) Travel Past 50

Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning left their business and home in 2010 to travel together full-time, starting Travel Past 50 soon after. They’ve rented apartments, taught English, hiked Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego, toured countless churches and searched for the roots of the blues in Memphis. These days, they especially like adding a soft adventure element to their travels. As they say: “We provide content geared for mature, active and inquisitive travelers.”

35) Traveling With Sweeney

Catherine Sweeney is a “boomer woman traveler” who visits new and familiar destinations with “youthful enthusiasm.” She often travels with her husband (aka “Mr. TWS”); when not gadding about, they make their home in Scottsdale, Arizona. You’ll find lots of great information on everything Arizona on Traveling With Sweeney – from the best Scottsdale hikes to interviews with locals offering insider tips (like spa holidays in the summer at hugely reduced rates).

36) Traveling With MJ

“Value luxury” is Mary Jo Manzanares’ travel ethos – what she calls “luxury for real people” or  “that sweet spot where experience and price intersect to create WOW.” Her blog Traveling With MJ is targeted at women in the baby boomer demographic (sorry guys), many of whom are former or working flight attendants (Mary has spread her wings as an attendant in the sky). Her favorite trips are cruises and visits to Italy, where she always ships home a bottle of great Tuscan or Brunello wine.

37) TravelnWrite

Originally started in 2009 as a blog to keep in touch with family, TravelnWrite now attracts a broad segment of readers from around the world. Jackie Smith, a newspaper reporter turned public relations director, and husband Joel, a former attorney, sold their home in Kirkland, Washington, and now live in a “house on the hill” in a small village in Greece. When they’re not traveling, that is. Most recently, they’ve ventured to Egypt. But their heart remains in Greece; be sure to check their blog if Greece fills your travel dreams.

38) Travels With Carole

Want your travel info in bites that are quick and easy to digest? Travels With Carole uses short descriptions so you can read these snippets in a hurry.  The author of 17 books (and also a master of long-form writing) including “Weekend Adventures in San Francisco & Northern California,” Carole Terwilliger Meyers especially likes kicking around New York City and her home state of California. Boomer bragging rights: She was an extra in Mick Jagger’s “Visions of Paradise” music video.

39) Travels With Tam

An avid scuba diver and underwater photographer, Tam Warner Minton features plenty of posts on her underwater exploits on Travels With Tam. Her love for everything in the sea is infectious – and you’ll enjoy her photos on all sorts of marine life from seahorses and sponge crabs to manatees. She and her husband also spend quite a bit of time in Texas; check out her blog’s section on “Empty Nesters Explore Texas.”

40) Travel Writer Rants and Raves

Elizabeth Rose shares the highs and lows of the travel experience. Most of her experiences are “raves” but there are occasional “rants,” which are popular with readers. (We love her rant on “Alaska Airlines: Don’t Put the Can in the Can Again.”) Although she says the rants are often therapeutic for her, they’re also helpful for traveling readers who want to avoid bad travel experiences. Travel Writer Rants and Raves is the boomer travel blog to check for information on traveling the western half of North America (Elizabeth’s specialty), from Alaska to Mexico.

*Elizabeth Rose is a Getting On Travel contributor

41) Tropical Travel Girl

best boomer travel blog“Sun, sand, sea and me” is what Debbra Dunning Brouillette covers on Tropical Travel Girl. A boomer writer who grew up in Indiana, she fell in love with tropical destinations early on. She’s followed her passion for several decades now, visiting more than 50 tropical destinations to explore reefs and natural wonders, savor the food and find what makes each island unique. The small Caribbean island of “Nevis” is one of her favorites (any island with green vervet monkeys gets our attention too). If you’re planning your next tropical vacation, be sure to check out Debbra’s posts and destination profiles on “why go?,” complete with eye-catching photos and links to her published newspaper and other travel articles.

*Debbra Dunning Brouillette is a Getting On Travel contributor

42) Wandering Carol

Carol Perehudoff describes herself as the “most enthusiastic luxury travel blogger around.” And her blog Wandering Carol will make you laugh – she’s a gifted writer who doesn’t take herself seriously. Again, while not specifically geared to boomers, the hot springs resorts, spas, European ski trips, art gallery visits and other luxury travel experiences she covers are ones boomers are most likely to be interested in. There’s no stuffiness or snobbery here though. Like we said, she’ll make you chuckle.

43) Wanderlust and Lipstick

This female-oriented blog is just one of Beth Whitman’s endeavors – she also heads up Wander Tours, leading small groups (women-only and co-ed) to Bhutan, New Guinea and other off-the-beaten-path destinations. On Wanderlust and Lipstick, Beth mixes it up with profiles of gutsy women around the world (from a Kenyan-born singer to a bookstore owner on Moloka’i) and tales of her own adventures (like running the Tokyo marathon). Expect to see posts on hiking Machu Pichu in the future – that’s still on her wish list.

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