Why does a traveler choose to visit Belize?

Not as far away as Panama, not as familiar as Mexico, not quite as commercialized as other tourist destinations in Central America seem to be, the little jewel of Belize – a former British colony facing the Caribbean – seems like the underpopulated, more plausibly authentic getaway some of us dream of taking.

Belize jungle

Guests at the Cotton Tree Lodge in Belize can kayak on the Moho River

Yes, we want to be in the Belize jungle, to hear howler monkeys whose big voices camouflage their small simian bodies, to experience some ruins without any crowds, to experience life when it was just a little rougher – but not too rough.

We would love to see some fresh jaguar prints in the mud, but not the actual jaguar.

We will delight in sleeping beneath a mosquito net in a thatch-roofed cabana that also has a deep soaking tub and a ceiling fan.

The Cotton Tree Lodge in the Toledo District, Belize

The Cotton Tree Lodge in the Toledo District, Belize

So we find ourselves heading south from Belize City in a 12-seat plane that flies over dense jungle where there are few roads and even fewer signs of housing.

We will land on a short spit of a runway and enter an ‘airport’ in Punta Gorda that seems like little more than a lawn-mower shed. We will ride over bumpy dirt roads – definitely not the sort that are kept merely to preserve the place’s rural character or that are smoothed every week by grunting trucks funded with taxpayer dollars. We will pass workers getting to their jobs on foot, on bikes, with machetes strapped to their backs.

We will take this journey to get to Cotton Tree Lodge on the Moho River in the Toledo District.

Belize jungle

Guest cabanas at the Cotton Tree Lodge near Punta Gorda, Belize

What’s appealing to the over-50 luxury traveler?

  • This is a destination that is not very touristy.

Take note

  • It’s the jungle, not Disney World. Dirt roads are rough, paths and walkways can be uneven, and water pressure does not resemble what you would find in New York!


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MAKING OUR WAY TO THE COTTON TREE LODGE                            

*All photo credits (except lead and Pinterest photos): M. Ciavardini

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Belize jungle