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My husband always wears a Scottevest for travel. So I must admit that for many years, I’ve had a bad case of “pocket envy.” After all, don’t women need pockets, too?

Taking the liberty to speak for my gender, we women always seem to be juggling items that we need to have close at hand. And without any pockets (or an insufficient number of them), we often have to search for these things at the bottom of our purses or tote bags—which can turn out to be the equivalent of an embarrassing archaeological “dig” when you’re on a line and someone is waiting behind you.

My pocket essentials usually include my smartphone; a small pad and pen to take notes; my passport; tickets for flights or attractions; a few tissues; and some local currency to pay for toilets, tips to guides or drivers, or other small purchases.

A study of “phone walking” and female pocket envy

An interesting study reported last year in The Week, by writer Jen Doll, describes the phenomenon of “phone walking,” which is defined as “holding a phone for long periods of time without actually using it.”

Sound familiar?

Researchers identified 674 phone walkers and found that women were significantly more prone to phone walking than men (33% vs. 20%, respectively. These finding begged for interpretation. Although the researchers offered several psychological/social rationales to explain why woman are more likely to hold their phones while walking (e.g., phone dependency, expecting rapid responses to texts, social plumage, etc.), Doll had a more pragmatic one: Compared to men’s clothing, women’s clothing often doesn’t have pockets!

In the same article, Doll interviewed Julie Sygiel, founder of The Pockets Project, and a self-styled advocate for women’s pockets. Using an ordinary ruler, Sygiel measured the depth of pockets at Zara (a popular clothes retailer) and found that when women’s apparel does have pockets, they are likely to be shallower (not deep enough to hold something securely) compared to pockets on men’s apparel.

Women need pockets, too

Women need pockets, too

Read another relevant article on Medium:

The Bewildering and Sexist History of Women’s Pockets.


The Scottevest lightweight travel vest for women

pocket equality

Pocket equality, finally!

Here are some of the reasons why you’ll want this Scottevest lightweight travel vest for women, a vest so light that it’s marketed as featherweight:

Love the zippered pockets

With 16 pockets, the Scottevest featherweight travel vest for women is a true problem-solver. There’s a handy place with easy access to anything you need, whether you’re on a food tour, shore excursion on a cruise, or on an African safari.

The zipped external pockets are perfect for carrying your smartphone and a water bottle, and there are sufficient pockets for everything else. You might find that you don’t even need to take that deep dig tote with you. In sizes large and over, the tablet pocket is spacious enough to stash an iPad Pro.

A lightweight vest for women that's comfortable

A lightweight vest for women that’s comfortable


Weighing in at only .6 pounds, you won’t have to give a second thought to the questions of “Should I?” or “Shouldn’t I?” throw this in my suitcase. The vest takes up virtually no space and is light enough to wear under a heavy jacket when traveling to cold climates. If you’re traveling to warmer climates, the cadet blue and cement colors are specifically designed not to absorb heat.

The fabric is not only breathable but is also stain and water-resistant. In case of an unintended nasty spill, it is washable and quick-drying.

Lightweight travel vest for women - High quality fabric and zippers

High quality fabric and zippers

Attractive styling

The vest comes in three attractive colors (black, cadet blue and cement) so you can choose a color that complements your color palette and travel style. The polyester fabric has a silky feel and is figure-flattering because it doesn’t have any excess bulk.

The best also has an RFID blocking pocket

The best also has an RFID blocking pocket

The Scottevest Lightweight Travel Vest for Women Giveaway

Scottevest has agreed to give one lucky reader of GettingOnTravel a 16-Pocket Lightweight Travel Vest for Women (Retail value: $140). Here are the rules:

  • To enter, leave a comment below on or before midnight, EST, October 15, 2019, choosing the color vest you would want if you win. The choices are Cement, Cadet Blue or Black.
  • One reader will be randomly chosen, announced here shortly thereafter, and asked for his/her address and size for mailing. (Some reviewers have commented that the vests run small so order up one size.)
  • Sorry, limited to addresses in the U.S. and Canada only.

Disclosure: The author received a sample vest from Scottevest for the purposes of this review. She did covet the one that her husband has worn for years. Any opinions expressed in this post are her own.

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