Congratulations to Tenth Street travel hat winner, Jennifer Herman!

traeoinsSome travelers wear a travel hat to create a look, others to protect themselves against the elements (e.g., harmful UV rays, rain or snow) or to cover up an unsightly “do” on a bad hair day.

When traveling with a group or visiting a public market, wearing a travel hat can also make it easier for your companions to spot you in a crowd.

(Credit: Tenth Street Hats)at

This wide-brimmed Scala Hat is made of hand-crocheted raffia and offers a great floppy look for the beach plus sun protection (Credit: Tenth Street Hats)

About Tenth Street Hats

Founded almost a century ago, Tenth Street Hats is a California-based, family-owned business that’s all about delivering high-quality hats. The company sells both men’s and women’s hats in a wide variety of shapes, styles, fabrics and colors—including fedoras, derbies, Panamas, newsboys and more. There’s virtually a hat for every season and every type of traveler.

The Perfect Travel Hat: A fedora, paperboy cap, and flat cap

A fedora, paperboy cap, and flat cap (Credit: Tenth Street Hats)

Choosing the perfect travel hat

When choosing a travel hat, these are some criteria to consider:

1) Is it packable?

You’ll want a hat that is lightweight and that won’t get crushed or suffer ill effects when it’s stuffed in a suitcase or carryon bag. (More than 100 hats in the Tenth Street catalog are crushable.)

2) Is it stylish?

A stylish hat can add a bit of panache to any outfit (and Instagram photo!). You’ll want to choose a hat with a look that complements your personality and feels like it’s all your own.

3) Is it of high quality?

Once you fall in love with any piece of apparel or a travel accessory, you want it to be of high quality and to last you for the long haul.

***Unsure which travel hat is right for you? You can start by taking the Tenth Street Quiz here.

Finding the perfect travel hat: A safari hat?

A safari hat offers a sense of adventure and loads of character (Credit: Tenth Street Hats)

The Tenth Street Travel Hat Giveaway

Tenth Street Hats has invited the readers of GettingOnTravel to browse through its extensive catalog of hundreds of hats—filterable by brand, material, type and occasion—to find the perfect travel hat.

The company will be giving one lucky reader of GettingOnTravel his or her choice of any travel hat in the catalog priced at $100 or less. Here are the contest rules:

  • Leave a comment below on or before midnight EST on October 10, 2019, with the hat you would choose from the catalog if you win.
  • One reader will be randomly chosen, announced here shortly thereafter, and then asked their hat size and mailing address.
  • Sorry, limited to addresses in the U.S. and Canada only.

Disclosure: We were provided a Scala hat (pictured above) for purposes of this review. Any opinions expressed in this post are our own.

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Travel Hat