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My informal surveys of friends and family tell me that no matter how exciting an upcoming trip may be, packing a suitcase ranks high as one of the more unpleasant aspects of travel. I’ve had countless conversations with people about this hassle, which nags at me a week or so before a trip, putting a damper on what should be an exciting time.

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If you’re part of the “I-Hate-To-Pack Club,” you’re likely familiar with the feeling, too.

It’s tough to choose exactly what and how much to pack!

Will I have the right things? Will I look put-together and stylish?

Will I run out of clothes and feel good wearing the ones I’ve packed?

I know. It’s not the biggest problem as problems go. But I do clearly remember taking one trip and people-watching in the lobby of a very ritzy hotel in tears, bemoaning the fact that I brought all the wrong things, feeling schlumpy (not really a word, but a good description, no?) and frustrated.

In search of light and easy travel attire

For years, I’ve searched for a solution. I’ve purchased “travel clothing” from a myriad of manufacturers, but have never been happy with my purchases for a variety of reasons: The fabrics, the styles, the fit never pleased me. They were just “blah.” Nothing exciting, nothing to make me feel good when wearing them. And then, after the trip was over, I never wanted to wear those clothes again – which, when you think about it is kind of sad, since the cost adds up.

Until now. When I shared my dilemma with a good friend who travels often, she mentioned the new-to-me brand, Anatomie. (Although I hadn’t heard of them before, they have been around for ten years.) When I emailed to inquire about their line, Anatomie invited me to their New York City showroom to try on some pieces, and were kind enough to give me a few to take along on my recent Viking River cruise to Portugal.

I had a tough time – a very tough time – selecting just a few pieces from their incredibly sophisticated line of chic choices. They were gorgeous! Every piece is stylish, sleek and beautifully tailored and detailed. Each piece I tried on fit beautifully, didn’t tug or rub, and was so light it was hard to believe I was wearing anything at all.

Their fabrics are sumptuous. The line is also wrinkle-free, breathable and moisture-wicking. The styles are classic and timeless, easy to dress up or down.

And one of the highlights? They pack down to virtually nothing.

Get this: Two pairs of pants weigh less than a banana!


That’s pretty “a peel-ing,” isn’t it? (my stab at humor). You can easily pack a week’s worth of clothing – a mixture of tops, pants and jackets – into one little packing cube, weighing in at just four pounds.

Oh, and one more thing – all the garments are hand or machine washable, something I adore because I absolutely hate returning home with a pile of dirty laundry! When I tested it out for myself and washed a pair of pants in the itty-bitty sink on the ship, they rinsed out easily and were perfectly dry and ready to go the next morning. Even though I packed some other things to wear for the remainder of the trip (okay, I never claimed to be the best packer, remember?), I wound up wearing Anatomie, all the time.

This line of clothing is not waiting until my next trip – I plan on making it a permanent addition to my everyday wardrobe.


Anatomie is giving away a pair of their fabulous Kate Skinny Cargo Pant (which retails for $225) to one GOT reader, in the color (there are eight) and size of your choice (sizes range from XS-XL).

Kate, in grey

Kate, in grey

This particular style, which has a signature soft stretch to it, is named for the designer Kate, who together with her husband Shawn, has managed to solve the packing dilemmas so stylishly for so many.


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