When we heard about the launch of the 48-Hour Power Jaunt, we were immediately intrigued.

But what can an intrepid traveler hope to see or do in only 48 hours? Where? Who would “short-burst” itineraries like these appeal to? It sounded like a vacation on steroids.

We decided to ask Gabriella Ribeiro, founder of Explorateur Journeys about this new offshoot of her larger company aimed at “globally curious travelers.”

Gabriella says she’s wedged in “short-burst, high impact trips” nearly all her life. So giving birth to the concept of 48-Hour Power Jaunts was a natural.

“These are a series of carefully curated itineraries where we mix in our favorite experiences, hotels and restaurants for a jam-packed, do-it-all journey that leaves time-challenged travelers feeling they’ve conquered a destination and refreshed their soul – in just 2 days,” she says.

We wanted to learn more about the 48-Hour Power Jaunt idea, so we asked Gabriella:  

What is the appeal of a 48-hour jaunt?

Gabriella:  For me, it is the possibility of being able to get a change of scenery quickly that fits in with my busy schedule. I’ve always traveled “fast” and have been able to accomplish quite a bit even in a short period of time.

I come across so many busy professionals and entrepreneurs who need to reinvigorate their minds, take a breather, and expand their horizons but don’t have a huge amount of time to do it. This fits their needs perfectly.

Initially, the idea was to cast it as a weekend jaunt – but really, if someone has a Monday and Tuesday off instead, why not do it then? Also, we get a huge amount of interest from solo travelers.

The compact time frame is extremely appealing as it’s just enough time to be comfortable traveling alone – especially if you’re not accustomed to it. A two-day trip is very different than an 8-day one when you’re on your own.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

What types of experiences can a 48-Hour Power Jaunt include?

Gabriella:  They vary greatly! In London, we have people driving vintage Mini Coopers through the streets after they embark on a secret food tour. In Paris, we organize tours by motorcycle sidecar. In Buenos Aires, we give people access to underground speakeasies. We have desert camping and camel riding in Morocco, private wine tastings in Bilbao, Japanese calligraphy lessons in Tokyo, and the list goes on.

What are your geographical boundaries?

Gabriella:  The beautiful thing is that there is no limit. We’ve built 27 itineraries as examples but we can create anything, anywhere, for anyone – as long as they’re willing to travel that far!

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

Who curates these itineraries? Are the tours guided?

Gabriella:  Me! They’re based on unique experiences, many that I’ve done myself, that fit together perfectly time-wise while giving the traveler a true sense of place, and an opportunity to experience the best a destination has to offer.

These experiences are guided – and can either be booked privately or as a group – depending on what each traveler prefers. By and large, these jaunts seem to draw more solo travelers.

Many of our clients are itching to travel but, perhaps, don’t have a travel partner, or a lot of flexibility with their time. This idea gives them the push they need to go.

What is a “globally curious” traveler?

Gabriella:  A globally curious traveler is one who is ready to be pushed out of their comfort zone. It is the traveler who wants to really “live” a destination as opposed to being passive. It is the person who opts to get out of the car and explore on foot, the one who is willing and open to taste/touch/feel a destination.

Why would the 48-Hour Power Jaunts appeal to the over-50 luxury traveler?

Gabriella:  These jaunts offer the opportunity for someone to take multiple trips per year. With the short time commitment, one can easily consider perhaps doing one per quarter and always having something amazing to look forward to, especially if one’s life schedule is demanding.

We also ensure that our travelers are treated beautifully, with private transfers, guaranteed early check-in at hotels and privately guided tours, and our selection of hotels definitely appeals to the affluent traveler.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

Is pricing bespoke, too?

Gabriella:  Yes, because it varies by travel date, number of people traveling and so forth.

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