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Here are at least six reasons why you’ll want to take this Ekster smart travel wallet on your next trip…

The rationale for having a travel wallet

While a travel wallet and everyday wallet may be one and the same for minimalists, most people find they really need to prune the contents of their everyday wallets before a trip.

Unfortunately, our wallets tend to become repositories for many things that aren’t necessary to take on a trip—for example, old charge receipts, store credit cards, automobile registrations, dry cleaner receipts, etc., things that could potentially lead to problems if they got in the wrong hands.

Now a young, innovative Dutch company named Ekster has developed a line of smart wallets that are perfect for travel. The company recently sent us one for review and agreed to offer a reader giveaway on GettingOnTravel.com.

What’s so smart about the Ekster Smart Travel Wallet?

1) It’s ultra slim 

Ekster markets the wallet as the world’s slimmest wallet—and it is ultra-skinny. It can fit in almost any pocket and takes up little space in a woman’s purse.

The Ekster Smart Travel Wallet easily fits in the palm of one's hand

The Ekster Smart Travel Wallet easily fits in the palm of one’s hand

2) It’s convenient 

With one click, its clever design offers instant access to 6 credit cards. Believe us, you will never need more than six cards on any trip.

Convenient access when traveling

Convenient access when traveling

3) It’s secure

If you haven’t read up on RFID (radio-frequency-identification) technology, you really should. Without making physical contact, an electronic pickpocket can surreptitiously steal data from your wallet using a small handheld device. This can give a thief access to your bank account and make you vulnerable to identity theft, even on crowded trains or buses. The Ekster smart wallet has built-in RFID protection to keep the contents of your wallet secure.

4) It’s stylish

This sleek wallet is made of genuine leather that’s beautifully stitched and crafted, and it comes in a choice of seven different colors to suit your personal preference.

The inside of the smart travel wallet has an elastic strap and two ID card slots

The inside of the smart travel wallet has an elastic strap and two ID card slots

5) It’s trackable

 The distractions of traveling make it challenging to keep track of your “stuff”—even important stuff. So if like many of us, you’re prone to losing or misplacing things, you’ll appreciate the wallet’s optional GPS tracker. Here, technology’s put to good use rather than nefarious purposes: The tracker allows your smartphone to generate a ring signaling the location of an errant wallet (you can also track its location on a map). The wallet’s solar-powered tracker is also the first to be voice activated, using Google Assistant or Amazon Echo.

The tracker explained

The tracker explained

6) It’s unisex

While we initially thought this wallet was perfect for men, it is equally appealing to women who, admittedly, often tend to be more in need of pruning and paring down of the contents of their wallets before a trip.

The tracker might even help you find your purse

The tracker might even help you find your purse

The Giveaway: Ekster Smart Travel Wallet

Ekster has agreed to give one randomly selected reader of GettingOnTravel a “Parliament” wallet and tracker. The Ekster Smart Travel Wallet is the perfect gift for any of the travelers in your life. Once you have one in hand, you might even decide to make it your own everyday wallet.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below on or before midnight, August 2, 2019, naming the first thing (that comes to mind) that really doesn’t need to be in your wallet when traveling. Entries limited to U.S. and Canadian addresses only. The winner will be announced here shortly thereafter.

The retail value of the wallet is $79; the value of the tracker is $49 (totaling $128).

Can’t take a chance on winning? You can see the full line of Ekster wallets and accessories here.

Disclosure: We were provided with an Ekster Parliament wallet and tracker for review. Any opinions expressed in this post are our own. We only work with companies whose products we admire and would recommend to our friends.

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