Congratulations, Debra, winner of the six-book set!

Sometimes what you’re reading depends on where you’re traveling or the places on your bucket list. Our friends at Soho Press have put together an awesome Book Giveaway package of six crime fiction books, each one tied to a different destination around the globe. This special crime fiction giveaway will appeal to readers, travelers and those who enjoy both!

Two lucky readers will be selected to win a set of six Soho crime fiction books each!

About Soho Crime

For more than 25 years, Soho Crime has been publishing atmospheric crime fiction set all over the world in places like France, China, England, Laos, Northern Ireland, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Denmark, India, Cuba, and Palestine, to name a few.

Lovers of crime fiction, whether it’s detective fiction, police procedurals, thrillers, espionage novels, revenge novels, stories of thieves, assassins, or underworld mob bosses—can count on an immersive adventure steeped in cultural detail.

Here are the six books that Soho Crime will be giving away. They cover the map—from France to Mexico to Ghana, Africa. Armchair travel just got pulse-pounding!


Murder on the Quai, by Cara Black

Part of the Aimee Leduc series set in Paris, France

Aimée Leduc’s life is what dreams of Paris are made of. Imagine waking up to a view of the Seine, then grabbing your morning espresso at your favorite café on the Rive Gauche. You’re really craving lunch at your favorite boucherie in Montmarte but you’re also running late to meet a friend who’s helping you pick out a new, chic trench coat in one of La Marais’s boutiques—C’est la vie! Especially, when on top of all this, you’ve got a murder to solve. Murder on the Quai is a must-read for francophiles everywhere.

The Last Detective, by Peter Lovesey

Part of the Peter Diamond Investigations set in England

The Last Detective






Peter Lovesey has pretty much won every crime writer’s award ever. And for good reason (as you’ll read in Lousie Penny’s introduction; she calls The Last Detective, “a novel that changed the face of detective fiction.”). If you love a good police procedural or anything that rings of Earl Grey at elevenses, and sly back-handed barbs disguised as compliments only the British seem to be able to pull off—then you’ll love Lovesey, and his detective inspector Peter Diamond. The first entry to the series, The Last Detective, is as good to place to start as any.

The Boy in the Suitcase, by Lene Kaaberbol & Agnete Friis – Part of the Nina Borg Novels set in Denmark

If you love crime fiction, you’ve probably read the New York Times bestseller The Boy in the Suitcase. And if you haven’t, well, it’s about time. Scandinavia: the best exporters of herring, modern DIY furniture, and seriously dark crime fiction. (For the squeamish: you’ll make it through this book and love it. Don’t let the title or description sway your fears; it’s a great thriller without the shock value of some fiction involving this type of content.)

The Coroner’s Lunch by Colin Cotterill

Part of the Dr. Siri Paiboun series set in Laos

Let’s get tropical. And a bit magical, too. Laos is known for its beautiful, mountainous terrain, French colonial architecture, and Buddhist monasteries. Somewhat less known: its cultural ideas of the afterlife. Which is what makes Cotterill’s Dr. Siri Paiboun mysteries so great. They’re steeped in a deep sense of Laos, and belief in the supernatural plays a background role. Siri himself has the gift, or the curse as he might call it, and is sometimes visited by the ghosts of his past patients. Even if you’re not a fan of the supernatural, you’ll find a cultural perspective that is deeply interesting (and fun, too). Sit back with a banh mi, brace for the humidity, and enjoy the rollicking fun as the bodies pile up. We recommend dipping in with The Coroner’s Lunch first.

Cape Three Points by Kwei Quartey

Part of the Darko Dawson Mysteries set in Ghana, Africa

Africa can be daunting. As a massive continent, it’s hard to say where to travel to first. The easy answer is South Africa’s Cape Town. The best answer? Ghana. You can go from the beautiful beaches of the Kokrobite and Winneba, where it’s easy to sit back with a cocktail and watch the fisherman work, or you can travel inland, to the renowned Kakum National Park, to walk the elevated rope bridges between lush forest. Still unsure? Check out Kwei Quartey’s Cape Three Points. No one does it better when it comes to displaying Ghana’s opulent offerings—and there’s a great mystery at the forefront, too.

Getaway by Lisa Brackmann

Set in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta: the ultimate vacation destination. From the sandy beaches on the Pacific Ocean to the quiet mountains to the North, or the jungle-clad Sierra Madre Mountains, you’ll find your perfect adventure here. Nightclubs? Check. Mouth-watering food? Check. Iconic sights? Beautiful vistas? Setting your own pace? Check, check, check. Murder? In Lisa Brackmann’s Getaway, that’s on the menu, too.

Thanks to Steven Tran of Soho Press for writing all the brilliant copy describing these novels!

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How to Enter The Soho Crime Fiction for Travelers Giveaway

  • Soho Crime will be awarding two randomly selected lucky readers of GettingOnTravel this collection of six “crime fiction for travelers” novels.  
  • To enter, simply leave a comment below, on or before midnight EST, September 1, 2018, with the title of the book you would read first if you win the collection. Limited to U.S. and Canada addresses only.
  • The winner will be announced here shortly thereafter. Good luck!

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