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GettingOnTravel is a curated, multi-authored online magazine for the over-50 luxury traveler.

We welcome inquiries and submissions from new contributors. You’ll join a group of award-winning travel writers and bloggers whose work is showcased on this multi-authored site.

But first, please read this to make sure we’re right for each other.

If you would like to have a guest or sponsored post published on GOT, please see our Advertising information.

Regular contributors

We are interested in working with writers who wish to become regular contributors. Once signing on as a contributor, you should be prepared to send us a new post at least once every two months.

There are two types of submissions

1) “Teaser” posts

These are short original overviews (approximately 350 words) summarizing articles recently published on your own blog/website or other website(s). They include a “Read More” do-follow link back to your own original blog post or travel article published in another online magazine, newspaper or website. Here’s an example of a teaser post: Toscana Resort Castefalfi: One of a Kind Luxury in Tuscany.

Writers who have their own travel blogs, or who have had their travel articles published on other websites, may submit teaser posts. This is a way to build up your profile; give more exposure to the attractions, tours, hotels, destinations and trips you’ve written about; and help boost the success of your own blog if you have one.

2) Full-length articles

These are longer original posts (about 800- to 1000-words). Here’s an example of a full-length post: Mermaid School in Anguilla: You’re NEVER Too Old to be a Mermaid.

Writers who don’t have their own blogs can be spared the trouble and expense of maintaining one by being able to publish their work on GettingOnTravel. Getting published on GOT is also a way for talented writers working in other genres to develop their portfolios as travel writers/bloggers.

Who will you be writing for?

GOT is geared to the over-50 traveler who appreciates a little luxury on their trips.

Our readers are married, partnered, single, divorced and widowed – and include parents, grandparents and empty nesters. Some are retired; some are scaling back their work hours; and others are pursuing their wanderlust for travel as they continue working full-time. Some prefer experiential travel; others like to relax on the beach of a luxury resort with a spa; others still only have time for city staycations. Some seek adventure; others aim to pursue their interests in art, culture, history, foods, wines, cruising, bicycling or golf.

Submission requirements

  • Posts must appeal to the over-50 luxury traveler.
  • Each post must be original and your own work.
  • You’ll provide one or more bullets on why the trip, hotel, activity, etc. covered in your post appeals to mature travelers (and if there are any drawbacks).
  • You’ll provide a sharp, good-quality photo (or photos) to illustrate your post (minimum 1200 px wide).
  • If available, you’ll send us a sharp vertical image to use as a Pinterest pin (minimum 736 px wide) and a good-quality image (your own) for our Instagram channel (about 11oo px wide).

Please note that we are currently unable to pay contributing authors.

How to submit to us?

If you would like to contribute to GOT, please send us an email. Put “New Contributor” in the subject line. Provide the link to your own blog or website if you have one (or provide links to samples of your writing).

If it looks like we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll contact you as soon as possible after receiving your email. At that point, we’ll send you a Consent Form to sign and ask for your head-shot and 75-word bio for our Contributors page. We’ll also give you the link to upload your submission(s) with submission instructions.

Please understand that we may not be able to respond to every inquiry (or publish every submission received).

Thank you for your interest in GettingOnTravel…

Irene S. Levine
Publisher and Editor, GettingOnTravel