King Midas would be jealous…

There’s so much gold adorning the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg!

Gold galore

The onion-shaped domes crowning the chapel are all gilded in gold. Chairs and tables and picture frames are gold. And wait till you see the ornate Great Hall – the golden carvings, chandeliers, angel figurines and other ornamentation will really make your eyes pop.

catherine palace

The beautiful Rococo-style Catherine Palace was named after Peter the Great’s wife, Catherine I

But of course, we shouldn’t be too surprised. After all, this was a palace of the Russian Tsars. (And we all know how lavishly they lived, don’t we?)

We have Catherine, wife of Peter the Great, to thank for building the Catherine Palace in 1717.

But it’s her daughter, the Empress Elizabeth, who turned it into a show-stopper.

Elizabeth thought the palace too old-fashioned when she became its mistress – so she completely rebuilt it in an opulent Rococo style (almost bankrupting the country’s treasury in the process). The exterior was gilded with more than 200 pounds of gold and multiple statues were placed on the roof.

catherine palace

You won’t believe all the gold furnishings in the Catherine Palace (tables, chairs, gilt-framed paintings and so much more…)

Catherine Palace highlight: the Amber Room

The Amber Room, once known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” is perhaps the palace’s most beguiling room.

During WWII, the Nazis stole all the amber panels (making up the room’s floor, walls and ceiling) and amber clocks, pictures and other amber decorations, and hid this priceless amber collection. It’s never been found – a mystery bedevilling treasure hunters and historians the world over.

Today, the Amber Room is a gorgeous replica (using real amber) of the original room. And one of St. Petersburg’s most popular attractions is the Catherine Palace and its golden-hued Amber Room.

catherine palace

The Amber Room in the Catherine Palace is completely made of precious amber (and gold)!

What’s appealing to the over-50 luxury traveler?

  • The history of the Catherine Palace is fascinating – from the time of the Tsars to its destruction by fire at the end of WWII to its painstaking restoration and reopening in 2003.
  • The gardens are also beautiful to wander through.

Take note

  • Catherine Palace is very crowded, especially in the busy, spring-to-fall tourist season. Stay close to your guide so as not to get lost (you can only visit on a guided tour). Pick-pockets are prevalent.
  • You’ll need to climb stairs to access the various rooms. Although there’s an elevator for visitors in wheelchairs, the palace isn’t wheelchair-friendly.
  • Washrooms are concentrated at the entrance, and there’s always a huge line-up.


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Mystery of the Looted Amber Room at Catherine Palace    

*All photo credits (except Amber Room ones): Janice and George Mucalov

The author visited Catherine Palace on a shore excursion while traveling as a media guest with her husband on a “Viking Homelands” Baltic cruise with Viking Ocean Cruises.

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catherine palace

Gold domes at Catherine Palace