Breathless, AMResorts newest adult-only, all-inclusive hotel brand, focuses on millennials and Gen Xers, but can a 50-plus traveler also enjoy this scene?

If you choose the Breathless property in Montego Bay, Jamaica—the answer is definitely, yes!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of AMRresorts, and my love affair with their Secrets brand—upscale, adult-only, all-inclusives—is no secret either.

I have been to dozens of them, and they’ve never disappointed. After all, who doesn’t like 24/7 access to premium spirits, gourmet food, and superb personal service in luxurious tropical locales? But when they rolled out this new Breathless brand to appeal to the millennials and the Gen X crowd, I instinctively knew that it might not be for me.

It's easy to find your surf side "sweet spot" at Breathless Montego Bay

It’s easy to find your surf side “sweet spot” at Breathless Montego Bay

Not that I haven’t been known to kick off my sparkly flip-flops and dance ‘till dawn occasionally, but at 58 now, it usually takes me a few days to recover from that. And I’m no fan of EDM (electronic dance music), especially when it’s so loud it makes your teeth vibrate. However, I’m not one to naysay without trying. And in this case, I’m so glad I did!

Breathless is beyond modern

Upon arrival in the cool ethereal lobby of Breathless Montego Bay Resort & Spa, I was instantly drawn by the loud thumping beat coming from the water circuit surrounded by a massive ‘sound barrier’ wall. I ventured out to find myself smack dab in the middle of a rocking foam party in the main pool.

Plenty of places for long, quiet walks

Plenty of places for long, quiet walks

A young crowd of revelers was bopping around in the bubbles trying to keep up with the animators. It was fun to watch a little twerking and jerking, but I realized that if I hung around too long I might be tempted to try those moves after a few cocktails, and I might seriously injure something trying to shake my booty like that. Best to move on. Besides, my personal butler (you get one when you book a junior ocean suite or higher class,) was eager to show me my room, and also to show me the ropes as to how it works. And trust me, you need that instruction.

This class of suites includes all kinds of extras above and beyond the Unlimited Luxury® offerings, which are more than enough to begin with. I was on the fifth floor overlooking the lagoon and the water circuit, and to say it was modern would be an understatement. Absolutely everything in the room is digitally controlled—either by a button on the wall or from the complimentary tablet they supply to guests.

It takes some getting used to learning how to control every facet of your environment (took me forever to figure out to turn out my bedside light,) but I loved the mood lighting options.

In-room mood lighting can be changed with the flick of a switch

In-room mood lighting can be changed with the flick of a switch

You can also order room service digitally and never speak to or see a soul if you have them drop it into the secret box tunnel. The server opens the door on the hall end and you open your door from inside your room. Privacy to the max.

Room service via a secret box! Let them eat cake!

Room service via a secret box! Let them eat cake!

But speaking of privacy, I found the giant glass cube shower in the middle of the room rather off-putting. I prefer to shower without an audience. But eventually, I found the button that rolls down a hidden shade on one wall. Much better.

The oversized cube shower at Breathless resorts

The oversized cube shower at Breathless resorts

I also liked the motion sensor that senses you’re going to the washroom in the middle of the night and turns on a light automatically. I think we all could use one of those at home! And thoughtful complimentary amenities are typical at AMResorts, but the complimentary condom in the bathroom reminded me just what age this brand was designed for. Nice touch though. As are the yoga mats.

Then there’s my favorite part of the room, the deck.

My spacious balcony had a big day bed, and I was thrilled to realize I could have my own foam party in the oversized Jacuzzi tub there, too.  And I did so, right after my butler drew me a bath and brought me my complimentary bottle of Jamaica’s finest Appleton rum. So far, I was liking Breathless resorts just fine.

Have your own foam party on your deck, ask your butler to draw you a bath!

Have your own foam party on your deck, ask your butler to draw you a bath!

After some soaking and sipping, I headed for the beach. There are lots of giant day beds and a beach bar grill there. The water is warm aqua and the sand is soft and white, but the music was REALLY LOUD from the Hard Rock Café next door. There was a private party going on (not always the norm I was told) but I was craving some quieter beach lounging.

Plenty of places to find peace and solitude on the beach at Breathless Montego Bay

Plenty of places to find peace and solitude on the beach at Breathless Montego Bay

And this is where staying at this location makes all the difference.

When you stay at Breathless Montego Bay, you also have full access to not one, but TWO other Secrets resorts right next door!

This is huge.

Three resorts for the price of one

I was delighted to realize I could simply sashay past the security gate and enjoy a half mile more of superb beach real estate that hugs both Secrets St. James and Secrets Wild Orchid next door as part of the Breathless all-inclusive plan.

Beach at Secrets Wild Orchid is always quiet and calm for swimming

Beach at Secrets Wild Orchid is always quiet and calm for swimming

The benefits of this access are legion. Start with beach access—hammocks, daybeds and surfside lounges galore, six pools (one on the rooftop at Breathless), all kinds of complimentary activities including sea kayaking snorkeling, and hobie cat sailing, and so many entertainment venues and bars you’ll have a hard time enjoying them all in one week. And then there are the dining options.

Exchange privileges at Breathless resorts

Beyond the seven food and drink venues at Breathless, you have access to ten more dining spots spanning a wide spectrum of cuisines: Asian, Mexican, Jamaican, French, Italian, continental and huge international buffets and 24/7 Coco Café as well as 24/7 room service, There are so many places to eat and drink you’ll need more than week to try them all. And for those staying in the Preferred Club sections of both Secrets resorts there, they also get access to Breathless. The program is called “exchange privileges” so bring your appetite, and don’t forget to pack stretch pants.

The three resorts also share access to the huge Secrets Spa by Pevonia with a gorgeous water circuit and all kinds of premium pampering treatments.

The entire peninsula is multi-purpose playground for adults of all ages, and an ideal location for destination weddings that include different generations as well.

The beauty of staying at Breathless resorts is you can switch up the vibe depending on your mood. I particularly liked the rooftop pool bar, apparently the only one in Jamaica. That and the “silent disco” in the Wink lobby bar is genius. (Everyone has Bluetooth earphones to hear the DJ.)

When I was seeking a tribe more my age, I simply headed to my favorite spot on the Secrets side, the rollicking sing-along piano bar where everyone is old enough to know the words to songs like Leaving on a Jet Plane and Me and Bobby McGee. It’s the best of both worlds.

Surreal view from the deck at night

Surreal view from the deck at night

What’s appealing to the over-50 luxury traveler?

  • Guests of the Xhale club can have their butlers drive them to the dinner spots at Secrets if they like, and all the properties have handicap accessible rooms. Access to the beach is easy, too.
  • There are many different spots to find quiet and solitude around the three properties; even the Breathless rooftop pool and beach area can be very quiet and relaxing, at times, as can the poolside fire pits late night.
Relax by the sea in day beds, hammocks, or clamshell lounges

Relax by the sea in day beds, hammocks, or clamshell lounges

  • So many choices of dining, plus Xhale guests also have access to three quiet private lounges –two in the Secrets Preferred Clubs- with high-end spirits, upscale snacks all day, and computer access.
  • The resort is ideal for holidays with adult children so that all ages have something that appeals to them.

Take note

  • Breathless resorts foam parties start at 3 PM daily, so if you’re seeking to avoid the loud music plan to spend those hours at any of the other pools or beach escapes.
  • There is beach service at the other Secrets resorts beaches but only the Breathless beach offers butler service.
  • For off property explorations, I highly recommend tours with Amstar DMC. You can review some of the options online before you leave home or book a tour on site, in the lobby at concierge desks at Breathless resorts.

Disclosure: The author was hosted by AMResorts.


Breathless Montego Bay Spa & Resort

*All photo credits (except lede photo): Sue Campbell