Are you on Instagram? It’s fun, right?

Hotter than Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is the fastest growing form of social media today – with more than 600 million users. And – no surprise – an increasing number of men and women over age 50 like to share their photos with family and friends on Instagram. If you’re on a trip, it’s a handy way to share your best travel photos.

Some of our best Instagram travel photos

I don’t profess to be a terrific Instagrammer, but I enjoy it; I’ve been on Instagram for a while now at SandInMySuitcase. (My husband George and I share the travel photography.)

We previously posted on our own luxury travel blog a few of our favorite Instagram travel photos.

One of our early Instagram photos was of this crab clinging to the dock in Bora Bora

Now that we’ve uploaded some 400+ travel Instagrams, we’ve found 10 more shots you might like to see. Here are our some of what we think are our best Instagram travel photos:

1) Broad-billed motmot, Costa Rica

While walking through the Arenal Hanging Bridges park in Costa Rica, our guide helped us capture this multi-colored, broad-billed motmot bird through a telescope she carried with her.

best Instagram travel photos

2) Old Town of Gdansk, Poland

Until we visited Gdansk recently, we thought of the city as home to the shipyards where Lech Walesa’s protests inspired the collapse of communism in Europe. We had no idea the Old Town is so pretty!

3) Hot-air balloon ride, Turkey

A highlight of our visit to Turkey was flying in a hot air balloon over the surreal moon-like landscape of Cappadocia. Looking up at the flames shooting above us was also surreal! (Our very first post on SandInMySuitcase was on this hot air balloon ride.)

4) Camel close-up, Jordan

Have you visited the rose-red city of Petra? If not, put it on your travel wish list. You’ll be amazed by how the ancient Nabatean builders sculpted this whole city of tombs, temples and houses out of rock. And if you don’t want to walk the UNESCO-listed site, you can bargain for a camel ride at the Treasury monument.

5) Monkey grooming, Bali

If you don’t like monkeys, don’t visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali (they like to jump up on people). We happen to love monkeys – we spent more than half a day there watching and photographing their antics. The babies were especially cute…

6) Trogir, Croatia

The medieval town of Trogir in Croatia looks like it popped right out from the pages of a fairy tale book. Climbing to the top of the bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Lovro (St. Lawrence), we were rewarded with some pretty splendiferous views.

7) Pensive child, Myanmar

On our 8-night river cruise through Myanmar, we couldn’t resist taking lots of photos of the friendly people of Myanmar. Many of the girls and women wore decorative thanaka paste on their faces and arms. And the little monks were adorable.

8) Bicycling in Vancouver, Canada

We lived in Vancouver for many years before recently moving to Victoria. And one of our favorite pastimes was bicycling around Stanley Park and beyond, all the way along the False Creek seawall to Granville Island and back. The tulips were out in full bloom this spring day

9) Elephants, Botswana

On our African river cruise on the Zambezi Queen, we took small skiff excursions, where we zipped along the Chobe River between Botswana and Namibia looking for birds and wildlife. We got so close to one herd of elephants drinking by the riverbank that the mother elephant sprayed us with a trunk full of water!

10) Tallinn, Estonia

In the Old Town of Tallinn, you have to look up so you don’t miss eye-catching sights, like a boot-shaped drain pipe, complete with a spur. And looking out over the city, you get this view with the spire of Saint Olaf’s Church rising up to the sky.

For more of our Instagram photos, see @SandInMySuitcase

*All photo credits: Janice and George Mucalov

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