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It’s a fine time in your life to travel… To taste new things. To expand your horizons. To indulge yourself.

After all, you’ve earned the right to spoil yourself a little. You’re over 50 (or nudging close to it). You have no children, or they’re grown (or getting there). You’re comfortably well-off (or content with what you have) and have more free time than you once did.

And however you like to travel – with a companion, with friends, in a group or solo – you know that there’s a wondrous, wide world just begging to be explored!

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Co-founded by two award-winning travel writers, GettingOnTravel is the premier online magazine for eye-opening explorations by seasoned travelers who are also great writers. Our awesome team of talented travel writers and bloggers are some of the best out there, writing especially for you!

We get how you want to travel

At GettingOnTravel, we share the scoop on why a trip or experience is particularly appealing to you as a mid-life traveler. And this means…

No backpacking tales!

Like you, we’re proud members of that lovely group of boomers. We understand your needs and sensibilities.

There are things you want to know before you decide on your destination or arrive there.

For example, can you choose your activity level on the cruise excursions – easy, moderate or strenuous? Is the beach swimmable? What else is there to do besides sunning by the beach? Does the hotel have an elevator? Super-fluffy bathrobes? What tours or shore excursions are worth taking? How much walking do you need to do on that walking tour? (Or, alternatively, is the group active enough for you?) Is the wine really good? Is the tasting menu worth the price?

A fresh take on travel

We also get that you’ve probably already seen a bit of the world and seek a fresh take and new experiences. Accompanied by a dollop of luxury, of course.

Midlife travelers have reinvented the term “luxury travel.” They want their passions to be shaped by their interests instead of their age.

While they enjoy being pampered in sumptuous settings, they also seek out opportunities for adventure and ways to improve their health and wellness. They realize that richness often derives from authentic experiences unspoiled by mass tourism. Although they can afford the boutique and bespoke, they are always mindful of value. They want to be inspired by travel settings and experiences that once seemed beyond their reach.

And that’s what we’ll do.

We’ll inspire you to look beyond the typical, and consider new destinations you might not have thought of before.

Why not Lombok instead of Bali? Porto instead of Lisbon? How about Bologna instead of Florence or Rome? Not that there’s anything wrong with a close-to-home experience either. A quick city break (even a splurge-y dinner out in a restaurant in your own city that you haven’t tried before) can be just what’s needed to satisfy your wanderlust, and we’ll share our best dining and day trip tips.


So, pour yourself a glass of wine (or cup of cappuccino), and scroll around our site.

Most of our engaging stories are written exclusively for GOT by our vetted roster of contributors. Some shorter stories are designed to “tease” you – each of these stories has a big blue link box at the end. When you click on the link, it will lead you to a longer article by the same contributor (published previously on their own blog or another travel site.)

For all stories though, we promise to feed your travel curiosity – about everything from different cultures and culinary traditions to cruises and crazy-useful travel gear.

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Irene S. Levine 
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